The Daily Rudeness

A message to the ‘I refuse to watch the reboot, I loved the original’ people

Ok everyone, you know that ‘And Just Like That’ is totally true to the original series? The original Sex in the City was about four whores who disliked everything good in the world. Miranda was always a bitch who treated her man like crap. Charlotte was always against tradition (converting to Judaism was Charlotte rejecting her family traditions), so it’s no surprise that her daughter is now rejecting her birth sex and Judaism. Carrie was just an empty character of nothingness. And Samantha was an ageing whore who can’t even be in the reboot because she’s so old that watching a granny be a whore is just horrid on screen (love Kim Cattrall the actual human!) The bottom line is…they were ugly characters from the beginning and now that they don’t have the youth to hide the ugliness everyone can see it. Bad values beget bad things…eventually.