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The Real Problem with Ivermectin

Ivermectin represents a ‘Farm Cure,’ meaning that the drug is heavily associated with farmers.

Farmers are people who work with their hands, till the soil, tame the animals, have dirt on their overalls.

City people hate farmers. City people work at desks in expensive suits and drink wine at night. Farmers read the Bible by candlelight while city people caress their ‘Hamilton’ program.

Therefore, city people can’t possibly ingest anything associated with farm life. Ivermectin falls in that category. Ivermectin is beneath them. A vaccine, with a needle and glass vial reminds city people of their cool illegal drugs. Even the nurse who administers the vaccine is a city person’s personal servant, a background player to their leading role. Which is more Sex in the City? Cow dewormer or a cool masked jab selfie and multicolored band-aid? Even the side effects of the vaccine give the city slicker an excuse to break out their beloved painkillers.

The above psychology is the reason why Liberals are not open to the idea of using Ivermectin as an early treatment. Considering the number of symptomatic breakthrough cases, it would be smart to do extensive research into cheap generic drugs that can be given upon the first appearance of symptoms. Of course, that will never happen because cheap generic drugs are a threat to Big Pharma.