The Story of Mr. T

We found Mr. Turtle when I was in high school, either when I was 14 years old (I am 35 now!)  Mr. Turtle is a California Desert Tortoise and they live forever.  They also like to run away and hibernate.  So back when I was in high school Mr. Turtle would hang out in the back yard.  One day I came home and he was gone…vanished!  We looked and looked but never found him ever again….20 years passed…no sign of turtle….but deep down inside I knew he would come back.  Then…one year ago…Mr. T walked up to my parents window and hissed for food.  He’s been in the backyard ever since.  So it was pretty cool bringing my husband to see my childhood pet!

(Make-up free photo, just came off a 16 hour international flight, wearing zinc sunscreen…no judgement)