The Daily Rudeness

The vast majority of people SHOULD and CAN stay together for the kids

There are exceptions to every rule, but if you got along long enough to have kids (and multiple kids at that) then you can Get Over Your Issues and Be Nice To Each Other. It’s not hard. If couples on the verge of divorce could learn to Be Nice To Each Other, they would also become better people in general. If you were a good person who unfortunately procreated with someone whose cray cray…well…it’s kinda your penance isn’t it? Your kid will ALWAYS be better off seeing at least one parent trying to make it work. Don’t listen to anyone who says otherwise. Sacrifice is the secret sauce to creating successful children. And there is no sacrifice too small to be made for your kids. Your own happiness? It’s gotta go. God help (and trust me they need it…I don’t know what punishment they are going to get) all the people who wouldn’t sacrifice their own happiness to raise their kids in an intact family.