Time for some Conservative Bashing

I pick on Liberals a lot. But, it’s time for some Equal Opportunity Conservative Bashing…so here are four criticisms of Conservatives:

  • Minimum wage needs to be $15 – $22. I don’t care about any argument to the contrary.
  • ‘Pull yourself up by the Bootstraps!’ – Seriously?
  • I am not a supporter of Big Tech. I know plenty of people who have been removed from Youtube. However, all the Conservatives on Twitter saying ‘Any Day Now I’ll be Censored!!’ and are never, ever censored…Yeah I don’t trust you guys.
  • Living in Los Angeles, I know more Liberals with guns then Conservatives (which is disturbing.) Background checks are good, although many mass shooters would not be stopped as their bizarre behavior was documented in High School. In the past, I never dated a guy who owned a gun. Guns are to be used for hunting, for protection but not to be collected for fun. Maybe I’ll write a post on this.