Waiting for the Sale

Google is ad-attacking me with BB Dakota clothing. I’m sorry to say it is working. I want the blue dress shown below…and have added it to my list of ‘Sale Stalking’ items.

But I know from purchasing off of AliExpress and from years of sale-hunting that everything appears to be 40-50% overpriced on the website. $88+ tax….for that dress? No honey. It’s crepe/polyester. It’s a super easy piece to create. I’m looking to get this dress for under $50 including tax. Another point of note is that on the Instagram page everyone looks a bit ‘unkempt’ and wrinkly so the fabrics are not high-quality.

But since Google has spammed me non-stop with ads…I have spent some time making a list of my favorite pieces. Enjoy the pretty, but wait for the sale! Remember, clothing options are unlimited, you pay what you WANT to pay.