Wedding Decisions–Cake Reception

First there is the church ceremony then there is the cake reception in the grassy area outside the church (pictures to come.)  I have 100% decide that the ‘Palette Cake Table’ above will be the centerpiece of the grassy area.

 I’ve also decided that these will be the cocktail tables.  Blush tablecloths with leafy vine ties.

So here is what I need to decide upon:

Vine Ties on Reception Tables:  Currently thinking Fake Ivy Plant…in photo appears to use real leaves stuffed into twine

Blush Tablecloths:  I’ve decided upon cotton polyester and keep the color blush…Shall I use blush on cocktail tables and white on sitting tables?  I don’t know!  I think I should keep it all cohesive.  Or maybe I can mix in Glitter Sequin tablecloths…So Many Decisions!

Decisions on Cake Stands:  In the photo they use crystal cake stands, I’m not sure what I want to use.

Decision on Chandelier:  I love the Pottery Barn Kids Chandeliers for 99 dollars

Flower Theme:  Undecided