The Daily Rudeness

Were the Mink killed to stop the first ‘Omicron’ (mild Covid) because then the vaccines would not be needed and Pfizer and Moderna would not get paid?

Viruses always evolve to less lethal forms. Always. That’s the goal of a virus. A virus mutating in a couple million mink is NOT going to mutate into a lethal disease. The virus wants to keep the mink alive, so it can stay alive. The media said that the mink were infected, but were they dying en masse? The fact that the mink had to be Murdered is a big Red Flag. If the Covid in the mink was so lethal, they would already be dead or dying and euthanasia would be a blessing. The Danish mink debacle happened in November 2020, right BEFORE the vaccine rollout. Let’s say that the Covid in Mink was mild…if that mild covid had jumped to humans and infected all of Denmark with a runny nose…no one would have gotten vaccinated and Pfizer and Moderna would have lost out on trillions. Covid would have ended in 2021.