The Daily Rudeness

White Liberals are Trend Followers

I heard about Wordle for the first time last week when I read a story about the British guy who created and sold the app to the NYTimes. The article included a flurry of photos of the white male with his non-white girlfriend. As we all know, being in or having been in an interracial relationship is a requirement for every good white liberal. The photos were included in the article to let other white liberals know that the creator of the app is also a good white liberal, and therefore liberals can enjoy his creation without fear of breaking any religious rules. Anyways, in the past week…EVERY LIBERAL I know on Facebook and Instagram has been posting about Wordle. Every. Single. One. It’s like watching herd animals herd. There’s 0 originality with these people. The media tells them what to think, what to watch, how to spend their free time, what to inject into their bodies…and they Run To Do It. And then post to social media saying they did it. It’s. So. Creepy! [P.S. – I realize that on an evolutionary basis ‘herd’ behavior is very important for a society…but why the social media posting? Why the constant signaling to everyone else? Is it animal insecurity of getting lost from the herd? You will not get lost from the herd if you fail to post about the latest fad on social media. It’s depressing that we’re not much different then deer.]