Why I’m a bit slow writing my 4th book

Nick and I visiting Port Isaac where the tv show ‘Doc Martin’ is filmed

It’s been two years since I published ‘Nordic Nights,’ my best book if I do say so myself *wink wink nudge nudge.*  I feel a bit bad that it’s taking me so long to write my fourth book ‘Dublin Diaries’…but you know what…who cares?  The reason why I started writing books is because I had no money to go to Kentucky Derby and I had no one special in my life…basically I had no hope!  My books are about finding that special person to share your life with and two and a half years ago I found that special person!  We got married in October 2017 and are having our ‘Real Church Wedding’ this coming August.  So you know what, I’m not worried about writing for a bit (although I have been working on Dublin Diaries…the beginning chapter and ‘evil bad girl’ character are very good!)  I’m living the entire point of my books…to get married and have children.  Nick is the most important thing in my life, followed by our goal of having children.  I’m also spending the next 90 days totally focused on the wedding.  I’m doing everything myself and it’s wonderful!  A couple’s wedding is the biggest celebration in their lives, so despite what anyone says it’s a very important day that we must prioritize.