Windy in Copenhagen Harbor

IMGP7554-e1441220878295IMGP7530-e1441220036525IMGP7539-e1441220333185Dress: Target Scuba Dress for $20 Shoes: Cole Haan Cambon Sandals (Buy them!)

Admittedly, the shoes don’t work with this dress.  But you can only fit so many things in a suitcase and I’ve been putting writing above clothing for the last few months.  So what can you do?  Either way, I think we can all agree that for $20 I did good.  It’s a good everyday shopping dress.  It’s important to have clothing that are not expensive that are still feminine and look nice that you can wear while checking the mail, picking up pizza, or even just around the house so you don’t look sloppy.    The waist is a bit high, but its from Target.  It was $20.  I’ll take it.  Flaws and all.