Wine Destroys the Mind

Many people end the day with a glass of wine. It sounds nice, doesn’t it? I have my ‘rituals’ to make myself feel good…I drink hot chocolate in the morning (not every morning, but close)…I love hot baths or showers…I love hot apple cider…I love naps.

But here’s the problem with wine…wine dulls the senses, silences your niggling worries, and prevents critical thinking.

I don’t drink wine, so I don’t know this for a fact. But I believe if you watch television while drinking wine, you are less likely to question what you see. You are more likely to go-with-the-flow. Wine makes you accepting and impressionable all at the same time.

Wine was meant for celebrations. And celebrations require no critical thinking because you aren’t being told anything important…you are just…celebrating. But watching tv, reading the news, watching a movie, watching the news…all these things require a person to Be Alert. We live in a world of lies. This is the era of brainwashing…of narrative control. Even commercials have an agenda, and if you are drowsy on alcohol, you may be more susceptible to harmful messages.

You don’t have to stop drinking wine, just drink wine in situations where critical thought is not required. If you are receiving information of any kind, you must remain alert. You must not allow your instinct to be dulled.