The Daily Rudeness

Yes, you can become an expert on Covid by reading papers online…in fact…that’s what you should be doing…it’s called getting educated and making up your own mind

One of the big liberal arguments against anti-vaxxers is that ‘You can’t sit at home and read papers online and become an expert on Covid.’ Wow, ok. So how do people become doctor’s in the first place without spending a bulk of their study time…sitting in their dorm rooms…reading published science papers?

  1. Lorenzo’s Oil
  2. Every liberal I know who has posted this b.s. meme to Instagram has a liberal arts degree. I wouldn’t expect liberal arts majors to realize that there are A LOT of people in the USA and Worldwide with Master’s Degree and PHD’s in STEM. And, surveys show, that PHD’s have a high rate of vaccine hesistancy.
  3. General Dynamics, a company filled with high IQ STEM people, had to get rid of their vaccine mandate or else lose 40% of their workforce.
  4. High IQ workers from one STEM discipline will not have trouble jumping over and understanding another STEM discipline. For example, Electrical Engineers oftentimes work with biotech on joint projects. Vaccines are manufactured remember? Who keeps the small shards of debris, like metal and glass out of the tiny vaccine bottle? Engineers. Who has to understand everything about the vaccine in order to create the equipment to manufacture it? Engineers.