You know when you…


Top: Mango | Shorts: H&M| Shoes: Joie |Necklace: Eva Mendes Collection New York & Co.

A few weeks ago I went to the mall to return some clothes, and I walked past H&M.  They were practically giving these brown suede shorts away.  The shorts were so soft that I said ‘Worse comes to worse, I can just wear them as pajamas!’ and snapped them up.  Then when I was packing to go to Denmark, I placed my necklace on top of them and realized that the necklace matched the shorts perfectly!  So I thought ‘Ok we’ll wear a navy shirt’ with the shorts, but I only had white Joie sandals to take to Denmark.  So in Denmark, I found this Mango top for 99 kroners and it worked!  The entire outfit cost like $30 dollars minus the shoes…which are the greatest sandals I’ve ever owned.  I know the outfit doesn’t look like much, but for the price I’m really proud of myself for putting it all together into something half-decent.  Sometimes you can have too many ‘nice’ clothes and find yourself lacking in wardrobe when it comes to doing everyday things.  The only thing I would change is I would get cheap white sneakers because I don’t like walking in cities with sandals.  Sandals are for the beach.