• Advice

    Fasting 36 hours at least once a week

    Will change your life, make you look younger, and help your body heal. Up it to twice a week for even better results. For quick weight loss, 48 hour fasts once a week will solve that problem. To do a 48 hour fast, eat a big meal in the morning and begin the fast at 12pm.

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    Why I never had bulbous tip surgery (nose job)

    Orthognathic surgery (upper and lower jaw) changed my nose and I had a very difficult time dealing with it. Very difficult time, as before the surgery, my ‘original’ nose was one of my best features.

    But after staring at hundreds upon hundreds of before and after photos in surgeon’s offices around Los Angeles, I realized that sawing off your nose tip and reducing your nostrils leads to a VERY unnatural look. Elle Fanning is the perfect example of why I did NOT reduce my bulbous tip and nostrils.



    Unnaturally small nose, not balanced with face, along with Pig Nose, an upturned Snout giving you full view of inside nostrils when looking straight on.

    Somebunny didn’t do her homework on Nose Jobs.

    Luckily, I did.

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    Best Marriage Advice

    If it needs to be done, do it. If you see it, take care of it. Be the person that fixes the problem, not the person who orders someone else to fix the problem.

    For example, don’t look in the fridge at something spoiled and passively aggressively say, ‘Are you trying to grow a fungus farm? I’m just asking!’

    That’s a good way to piss off your spouse and get a divorce. If you see a problem, fix the problem. Watch your marriage thrive.

  • Opinion

    The only thing Covid has taught me

    Is that the older generations (50-75) are not, on average, willing to sacrifice for babies or the young. Babies and the young are supposed to sacrifice…for them.

    Not surprising, since it is this age group who invented the motto ‘Two is Enough!’ (in regards to having children.)

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    If I was a Bitcoin Billionaire…

    I would use the money to buy land and build my perfect community i.e. character houses, large lots, winding tree-lined streets, no freeways, no busy roads, plenty of park space, the perfect downtown shopping area.

    There’s nothing better then a well-designed city.

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    Being fat is not a moral failure, but it’s still not healthy

    Every single person can relate to over-eating. I can’t write or study without a bowl of something nearby. I need food to calm myself. Am I a bad person? Of course not! Am I a bit undisciplined? Maybe. Am I using food as emotional support? Pretty sure that’s a yes. But I’m still not a bad person.

    However, once you start saying that being overweight is healthy…then you start to be a bad person. A doctor’s appointment can establish the state of your health, and your ideal weight. Food can be used to heal or to harm. You want to make sure your using food to heal.

    Gluttony is a sin. Gluttony is associated with overeating, but it also refers to Habitual Greed. I do not believe the obesity crisis in America is caused by gluttony. Americans work really hard and then turn to food for comfort, and oftentimes you think you are making a healthy decision when you are not because the ingredients are not forthcoming.