Yes, I got all dressed up…I got the picnic all ready…I got Nick to drive us all the way to the beach…and when I went to turn on the camera…I realized the battery was still in the charger back home.  But on the bright side, Nick was kind enough to use the Iphone.  I had been wondering if the Iphone would ever take a good photo of me because so far I have had little luck taking a good ‘selfie’…but over 160 photos later and these turned out ok.  The Iphone really does not like my face, but I’m dedicated to finding my ‘angles’ so that I can always take a good photo with it.  IMG_0895 IMG_0901image image IMG_0937 IMG_0950 IMG_0954

IMGP0114IMGP0059IMGP0057IMGP0156IMGP0146Petite Floral and Bird Dress: Asos (On Sale here)

Nice dress, the neckline is very nice and my arms look somewhat decent.  The price is right, especially now that it is on sale.  I think it is a great dress for a summer picnic or garden party.   Continue reading

IMGP0591A few weeks back, I played Petanque for the first time.  It’s a nice game for a night out with friends.  Just competitive enough to be interesting, but doesn’t take too much brain power so you can focus on conversations (or taking photos, which is what I was doing hehe.)
IMGP0582 IMGP0562IMGP0577 IMGP0618Photoshop Stat Alert!  Why did I close my eyes?!  Such a nice photo otherwise.


Last Sunday June 17th I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a polo match at Kokkedal Slot.  Kokkedal Slot was the inspiration for Baltazar’s castle in my novel ‘Nordic Nights.’  This was the first time I had visited in real life and it lived up to my expectations!  What a lovely place, next time I will surely have lunch upon the terrace.

IMGP0628 IMGP0633Be easy on me…No makeup just sunscreen


IMGP8620 IMGP8633 IMGP8636 IMGP8638 IMGP8639

The Kooples Dress (here)

The dress where every photo looks good.  There’s something about the neckline and the color and the fabric that complements my face.  The two brands I trust for always being on point with exceptional quality are Joie and The Kooples.  They are pricey, but the secret is to try on all the clothes at the beginning of the season, make a list of what you want, then wait for the sale.  You may only get one piece a season, but really what more do you need? Continue reading


Gown: Asos Petite (here)

The gown is lovely but from a distance it makes me look frumpy due to the ruffles hitting my waist.  It’s fine for headshots but not for full body shots.  I need far more waist definition for full body shots.  I’m searching for a gown by August, so this is very important.  Back to the drawing board!

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Miracles Do Happen!




The ultimate power couple…the ultimate couple in fashion…Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl.  Now I know, and you know, that many of these photos are staged (especially the ‘candid’ instagram photos) as their body language is always that of a doting couple in the first blush of love.  And many people will dismiss this ‘idealization’ of love as fake and materialistic.  But I have another take…


Seeing positive…and visually beautiful…depictions of love is very inspiring.  Not to mention the discipline, hard work, and teamwork it takes Johannes and Olivia to create these photos.  They work really well together to be able to create this ‘allusion of perfection.’  A happy couple creates their own little ‘world,’ their own ‘culture’ unique to their relationship…and these images are Johannes and Olivia’s creation and for that I salute them!

At the end of the day, these pictures took Practice and as a result they are timeless.

Now the question is…*raises hands in steeple position as she gets a devilishly-thoughty look on her face* how do I…the Christine….get my boyfriend to agree to be a catalog model with me?  Hmmm….Que The Maniacal Laugh!!!

Olivia + Johannes Photos = Filed Under #RelationshipGoals!!!

One last comment…it’s amazing how many different ‘poses’ these two manage to create.  That’s why I created this post…to have a reference list of different ways to stand with my significant other when a camera is pointed in my direction.