Being grateful for a friendship

Being grateful for a friendship means…

Allowing a friend to say things that you may be slightly offended by because you know the intention behind what was said has nothing to do with you and is merely an opinion based upon their personal life experiences.

Example 1:

Girl 1: When I was dating, I learned real fast that men who lease cars they can’t really afford have issues

Girl 2 (Whose husband leases a car he can’t really afford): You may have a point

Example 2:

Girl 1: Maybe it’s a good thing you don’t have a regular housecleaner? It’s good for a child to see their parent cleaning and to grow up with chores. The kids I knew who had maids/nannies didn’t turn out that well.

Girl 2 (Who had a regular housecleaner while growing up): How Dare You Insult Me You Wretched Piece of Human Waste! *Proceeds to subject Girl 1 to 30 minutes of how Girl 1 is the most horrid girl in the world and no one wants to be friends with her*

Obviously, Girl 2 in Example 2 is not grateful for her friendship with Girl 1 and Girl 1 is better off without such a drama queen in her life.