& Other Stories Try-On

I bought the grey puff sleeve sweatshirt and matching frill shorts for 289 dkk!! I’m always looking for nice casual clothes and this set fit the bill perfectly. It’s a bit warm for a humid Danish summer and/or for stifling hot California, but it will be comfy for fall and winter.

The dress in the second photo is AMAZING and I love it and I’m going to buy it either on sale or if it gets low in stock I’ll grudgingly pay full price. Admittedly, it’s very square and looks like a nightgown. But it’s the greatest nightgown ever! It’s very Bridgerton (yes, I watched that show and thought the square necklines and high boobies were awful) but it’s very wearable Bridgerton. I love it, I care not what anyone else thinks.

The third outfit is so cute. That cotton puffed sleeve top is amazing, it’s a must-have from their summer collection. The shorts are way too small in that photo, they didn’t have my size, but I do love the cotton top with a pair of navy shorts. Whether I find a pair from & Other Stories or another shop remains to be seen.