The Daily Rudeness

Ukraine Crisis 2022 is win-win for both the U.S. and Russia

  • If Russia reestablishes dominance over Ukraine they don’t have to worry about NATO being at their doorstep, and subsequently American nukes pointed at Russian cities
  • Russia taking over Ukraine forced Germany to cancel Nord Stream 2, which allows the U.S. to breathe a sigh of relief now that Germany and Russia will not be close allies, and the U.S. dollar will continue to be the world’s reserve currency
  • All the EU/NATO member states will be forced to up their military budgets and buy more U.S. weaponry
  • The U.S. elite gets to remain top dog by labeling themselves as morally superior, while having Russia continue to play the role of the ‘Bad Guy’
  • If a Republican president in the mold of Trump were to take office and do more investigations into Democratic ties to Ukrainian money laundering f.ex. Hunter Biden, the Democrats could be in DEEP SHIT and lose key people. Russia moving in is an excuse to destroy and forget any American malfeasance. The American Deep State gets off scot-free.
  • Stock market loves war, money will move out of stocks like AAPL and AMZN and into defense contractors…a sector rotation which will make American insiders rich
  • Excuse for the FED to not stop quantitative easing and not raise interest rates
  • The Biden Administration can blame the increase in oil & gas prices and (since the American public isn’t that smart) inflation in general on ‘Evil Russia’ instead of their bad financial policy